Unsolved Crime: The Original Night Stalker

During the Summer of 1976, in California, a number of people turned up dead at the hands of a serial killer dubber by the media as “The Original Night Stalker“. To this day, this killer has not been caught. He was mimicked by a man who was dubbed “The Night Stalker”, but he was caught by law enforcement and sentenced to death for his crimes.

It all started with a number of rapes being reported to police, and the rest is history. A history of a clever and ruthless killer previously referred to as “The East Area Rapist“. He attacked people (raped women) in their homes when they were sleeping by slipping into their bedrooms, subduing them, and tying them up.

There was spike in gun sales, and a spike in the security industry when The Original Night Stalker was at large and the victim count continued to grow. At that time, he was already past the 25 victim mark. He also followed media reports on his crimes as well as law enforcement press releases and adjusted his crimes. In one case, the police reported that he doesn’t attack women who have a man in the home, then, during his next rape, he targeted a married woman and raped her while her husband was home.

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Composite Sketch

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He would also enjoy his victim’s food and take souvenirs from their homes. He always wore gloves making it impossible to collect to fingerprints. Also, his semen didn’t include blood making him a non-secreter.

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He then moved to homicide offenses and left in his trail a number of dead victims.

If you have any information about the “Original Night Stalker Crimes” contact the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

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