Money Makin Mitch

Money Makin Mitch is originally from Houston, TX and comes into the game with his focus set on success. The main stage name he uses is “Mitch” which can also stand as an acronym meaning MONEY IS THE CENTER OF HATE.

Mitch - Photo

He took that name on a “spur of the moment” note.

Mitch has been working on perfecting his rap game for about 10 years, and was originally inspired by his cousin who was also a rapper. Other inspirations include Chamillionare, T.I., and Biggie Smalls.

Mitch highlights his rap style was being expensive, rich in vocabulary, savvy with wordplay, and crisp with his delivery. It makes sense considering he describes himself as being intelligent, optimistic, and persistent.

Those first stage performances where the turning points in Mitch’s life during which he crafted a goal of being the greatest of all time.

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